About - Michael Wessel Photography

What is life? I feel it is that brief moment of existence where we as individuals get to experience the world around us. To participate, to observe, to listen, to tell, it is all a story that will be seen and heard for a short while before disappearing into the mists of time. That is the fate of everyone, even the most famous. My life, my goal, is to create the most interesting story I can living in a way that ripples around the pond long after I'm gone. My photography is the physical manifestation of that goal. Showing people what I see, how I see it, and hoping that they will feel the same way about it. Or, completely the opposite, as long as they are feeling something. In today's world apathy is spreading like a disease. 'Friend,' 'Unfriend,' 'Follow', 'Tag', 'Like,' the internet has opened up a whole new world to us but at the same time begun to kill off the old one. How many images do you see a day? How many people talk to you? Do you ever shut off your internet? We are bombarded non-stop so the only way to deal with it is to not deal with it, to glaze over everything with dull eyes. I want my images to jolt people. To make them hungry, to make them happy, to make them sad, to make them wonder, to make them happy, I want my images to resound within those looking at them. A grand goal I know, but what is life without a few hopes and dreams like that?

Agencies I work with:


Exit Model Management (Prague/Bratislava)

Clique Model Management (Prague)

United States-

Margaux the Agency (Los Angeles)

Next Model Management (Los Angeles)

Photogenics LA (Los Angeles)

LA Models (Los Angeles)

MSA Models LA (Los Angeles)

Factor Women (Los Angeles)

Wrenn Model Management (Los Angeles)

Arquette and Associates (Minneapolis)

Ignite Model Management (Minneapolis)

Vision Model Management (Minneapolis)

Caryn Model and Talent Management (Minneapolis)

Agency Model and Talent (Minneapolis)


I specialize in fashion,beauty, lifestyle and product photography. Outdoor, indoor, studio lighting, or natural lighting, I'm comfortable with it all.


If you would like information on my rates and availability you can contact me here or call me at 612-916-4329.

I currently reside in LA.

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